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So, ALL DAY YESTERDAY Mr. Bunches (Chris) and I thought FOR SURE
it was WEDNESDAY. Thus, TODAY we were POSITIVE IT WAS THURSDAY!!! All the way up until 5 minutes ago (of laughing really hard AT OURSELVES!).

I kept seeing everyone reference FRIDAY as being today in social media. So, realizing an hour ago it is April Fool’s Day, I thought everyone was pranking.

We just NOW realized we missed a day somehow? We are rolling from laughter. We went and had a beer and a Bushwhacker at La Pescaderia around the marina, and were saying, wow, pretty nice crowd for 3:30 on a Thursday.

Joke is on US!!! It’s Friday. Yep, Friday, April 1, 2022, April Fool’s Day!!! Be safe. Have fun. And LAUGH REALLY HARD AT YOURSELF – EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!

Any one else go through a similar situation some time?