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I asked permission to share this post content I had with a friend of mine today. Please share, so people can really understand. These are actual experiences happening now, here and abroad, due to this horrific Ukraine War.

Dear friends, many of you reached out privately and asked what was happening with our family members in Ukraine. We decided to give you all an update here:

Natalia’s 74 year old mom with 2 grandkids on her hands have moved to Krakow, Poland. It was our daughter’s co-worker, another doctor at Nemours Hospital in Orlando, who was born and raised in Poland, offered help from her family. So, Natalia’s mom with the kids are staying with her family, the people they have never met before, but treating them as their beloved relatives. They are safe and well cared for.

Many Polish people did the same: opened up their hearts and homes to Ukrainian refugees, the Polish government provided Ukrainians with free sim cards, free transportation anywhere in Europe, free healthcare and a small allowance for food and basic needs for every refugee showing up at the border with Ukrainian passport.

Andrey’s relatives (7 of them) are in Czech Republic, renting small apartments, the niece and her husband are working there while others are receiving some refugee benefits from the Czech government and we provide the rest financially.

Both our sisters stayed in Ukraine, as their husbands are not allowed to leave the country (men between the ages of 18 and 60 have military obligations even if they never served in the army).

While most European countries opened their borders to the Ukrainians and offered a warm welcome, the United States still has done nothing! Absolutely nothing for the Ukrainian refugees, even for those who have immediate family here in the US!

We find such policies shameful and hard to explain! The richest country in the world that was encouraging Ukraine to join NATO can certainly do more for people fleeing the war! Our family members need a legal way to come here and stay longer than 6 months (like on a guest visa), get a right to work or go to school and get some basic healthcare package in the meantime. We would provide housing and financial support, but cannot buy insurance for 10 people! So, if you feel strongly enough, remember to write to your representatives, voice your opinions and be proud citizens of the finest country, not the one lagging behind the rest of the world!

If you don’t mind I would like to reshare this story as it is first and second person actual experiences. For actual experiences, vs as reported by the news.

Leila, yes, please share! The citizens of the United States have to know that their government is not doing anything to help Ukrainian refugees! This needs to change!

I think this is a very powerful conversation to share. So much is reported by the news. However, most is ‘as reported’, versus as ‘experiencing now’.

Below are just some new pictures from those actually living and experience this war 1st hand. God Bless them.

Please share this post. We as U.S.A. need to do more. We can not be the greatest country, and stand by while our allies are being persecuted, tortured, and killed. Separated from their country, home, family, and their lives. Losing family, friends, peers, and comrades.