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I forgot who was inquiring about where and who to get roller skates from…but this is for you.

The first things you need to decide when getting skates is do you want indoor (smooth surface, usually roller rink), or outdoor, or both (you can use them indoor or outdoor), or derby style. Next up is classic designs or customs. Oh, and always get the safety gear!

This is a great low impact, cardio, super fun way to get in shape with family, friends, others, or by your self. Make sure to take advantage of this resurgence.

I would recommend the following:

http://www.dollskill.com they sell all sorts of cool stuff. Type ‘roller skates’ into their search icon.

http://www.Amazon.com many companies will let you try before you buy.

There are new skate/skateboard shops popping up everywhere, as skating is the hottest trend for fun and fitness this year. So much so, they are turned Rockefeller Center from ice skating to full blown disco style roller rink. Roller rinks are popping up all over so make sure to ‘Yelp’, ‘YP’, and ‘Meetup’ app ‘roller skating’ for your area.

I personally bought my new white and pink wheel ones on Amazon (Chicago Skates).

I’m ordering my holographic skates from http://www.dollskill.com. They have all the great brands of Roller Skates, Inline Skates, and some Skateboards fun accessories and clothes.

My favorite store besides http://www.dollskill.com is http://www.moxiskates.com. They have outstanding skates and all clothes and accessories. They also do custom skates. Super highly recommend!

Not to be out done in my favorites is http://www.rollerskatenation.com. If you love Vans, Converse, Doc Martens, you name it, they can customize a pair of skates in those shoes.

Also check out:



www angelskates.com


http://www.devaskation.com (they also do custom design, including graphic)



http://www.riedell.com (they also do custom design, including graphic, OG brand)

http://www.Macys.com sells Roce’s Roller Skates.

Dicks Sporting Goods, Big 5, Walmart, and Target. Amongst many other Skate Shops. You will find most of these outlets sell Roller Skates, Inline Skates, and Skateboards. Some even sell surf boards.

Also check out the brands Impala Skates, Chicago Skates, and C7

Make sure to get hand and knee guards for indoor skating, and a helmet for outdoor. I don’t always where my helmet, but I definitely where my hand and knee guards.

Be safe, have fun, laugh when and if you fall, get your skate on!